Is the lab you choose to print your headshots really that important? Well, I like to compare photo printing to sound quality in movies. You don’t really come to appreciate it, till you’ve seen it done wrong.

Done well, a print will look beautiful and polished. Done wrong and you’ll worriedly ask yourself, do I really look like that? Spare yourself the pain of a bad print, and even save money along the way. Here are 5 reasons why printing your headshots at a pro lab is worth it!

1) It will make you look more attractive

Lower quality prints are so often unflattering. Your skin may be off-colour, washed out, or unusually orange. Or maybe you have magenta and blue colour casts all over your skin, your eyes suddenly look bloodshot, or you just generally look zombie-like. Print your headshots at a quality lab and look the way you, your makeup artist and your photographer intended.

mamito22) It will preserve the quality of your headshots

At a low quality print lab, image sharpness fades, colours change and wash-out, and details disappear. Your photographer has gone to a lot of effort to provide a high quality shot for you, only to have it lost in the final step. You paid for your high quality headshots, you might as well deliver them to the casting director that way on the day of your audition.

3) It will hold up next to other actor headshots

An average person may not notice a bad quality print at a quick glance, but there’s no better way to see it than to go through hundreds of headshots like a casting director does. The low quality prints will quickly set themselves apart from the crowd, and not in a good way.

gina4) You will save money

Volume discounts are an actor’s friend! It costs $4.75/print at Black’s, $4.97/print at Walmart and $2.28/print at Rocket Repro (a pro lab for actor headshots) for a 25 print order. Rocket Repro’s price gets even lower if you re-order the same headshot. Professional labs often have discount pricing for volume orders which is perfect for auditioning actors.

5) You will get the same result every time

Rather than crossing your fingers and hoping the lab tech assigned to your photos knows what they are doing, you can go to a pro lab and expect that your prints will look their absolute best. Consistency and predictability are a great way to reduce career stress. You don’t want to spend your time and energy micromanaging your career and if you hand your headshots to trained specialists, that’s one thing you won’t have to worry about.



joshRocket Repro Print Giveaway

Now that we’ve talked about the importance of professional prints, I’m going to do a giveaway for RocketRepro! RocketRepro is a printing lab located in Vancouver that does professional prints for actors all over Canada. They are a lab I have come to rely on for my client’s headshots because they look perfect every single time. Their staff and management are incredibly friendly and care about the work they are putting out. They have great pricing and it also doesn’t hurt that they’ve done prints for people like Taylor Kitch, Carly Rae Jepsen and Evangeline Lily! They are located in Gastown in Vancouver and ship to eastern Canada for only $13.

Rocket Reprographics is a full service digital and analog photo lab.
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