Earlier this summer I had the pleasure of running a photoshoot giveaway! The winner of my contest was Toronto actress Jessica Rose, an actress who wrote an inspiring blog post I had happened to read only days ealier called “Thanks for Your Concern” . The post really resonated with me, so when my raffle app selected her name I was pleasantly surprised. Funny how the universe orchestrates things.

We decided since she had many actor headshots in her portfolio, to do an editorial shoot instead. We made our way down to Kensington market in downtown Toronto because I was sure that it would make an interesting looking set for our shoot. Shortly after we arrived we found The Grilled Cheese a restaurant that looked so cute, I felt like I was in a movie. I mean look at those curtains on the door! By the way, if you google their sandwiches, does it not make you want to go there straight away? Yum. I was all over this shoot. Jessica laughed at me as I morphed into overly-excited-photographer-Antosia.

We eventually wandered into an empty parking lot and I found this beautiful white washed door next to these brown little plants. I loved the look and we began to shoot. Jessica had the modelling down, I didn’t have to do much and we got this beautiful girl-next-door shot (below).



Towards the end of our shoot, as we were heading home, I saw this giant blue van. I loved how the sky reflected in it, and we got a few shots in front of it. I love playing with reflections, they add so much interest to a shot!