I’m bracing myself for a cold Winnipeg Christmas and have been reminiscing about my summer over countless cups of tea. Ten years ago I got interested in wildlife rehabilitation and to this day I still volunteer for Prairie Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. Just this summer I rehabilitated these two red squirrels. They were orphaned, but we were able to raise them on special squirrel formula and release them in the forest when they turned into adults. People always ask me if I am sad to release them after feeding them 3-10 times a day for months, and I always say “no”. Their transition from dependent babies to hyper-active grumpy adults is so natural, I always know they will be fine on their own. Here are some photo memories from my past summer:


Squirrel feet are just so cute. They have little sausage toes.

I’ve always been passionate about animals. As a kid I would watch Steve Irwin aka the Crocodile Hunter on TV and dream of trekking through the wild and searching for animals while wearing a safari outfit. This dream led me to study zoology and do a semester abroad in Tasmania, Australia. Check out my selfie with my kangaroo friend.


The best part about studying in Australia is that Australians like to go outside to study animals. We went camping, fishing and to the zoo. But I soon realized I didn’t need to study science to hang out with cool animals, because they’re non-judgmental like that. A kangaroo doesn’t care if you have 7 diplomas on your wall, as long as you scratch his head. Instead I took the leap and followed my passion into the arts and did volunteer wildlife rehabilitation in my spare time.


This summer I photographed some of PWRC’s wild animals including an orphaned beaver feeding, an orphaned baby squirrel feeding and a barn owl educational ambassador.

Orphaned baby beaver by Antosia Fiedur


Orphaned Red Squirrel by Antosia Fiedur


Barn Owl Educational Ambassador

 If I know one thing in life, is that I will always love animals and find comfort in spending time with them. That makes photographing wildlife a dream. Check out my video of the baby beaver drinking beaver milk out of a bottle (featured on Cottage Life.) He makes the cutest little noise.