I love traveling, and since September 1st I have been adventuring through Toronto! (Thanks to my friend Amanda Kristjanson for taking the photo above)

So far I`ve attended two film festivals: TIFF and Toronto After Dark, which were both awesome in their own way.

During TIFF, there was definitely a buzz in the air in Toronto as people tried to get a glimpse of celebrities. Me and my friends walked past some red carpets, but never had the patience to wait and watch. We did hear blood-curdling screams when Brad Pitt walked into the theatre, but no, we didn’t see him 😉

I loved watching the Right Kind of Wrong, a rom-com with Ryan Kwanten and persian cats. I also really enjoyed Palo Alto (trailer) with James Franco. It was a coming-of-age film, like Superbad, but darker and more dramatic. It inspired me with my screen writing and helped me narrow down what kind of films I would like to make. The characters looked like teenagers you would meet in real life and the script and the acting were fresh and honest. The kind of stories people want to watch, in my opinion.

toronto_by_antosia_fiedur-4There were also the TIFF parties. People get really excited about these and try really hard to get into the big ones. One of the parties I went to was Manitoba at TIFF with my friend Aisha Alfa. It was fun to see so many Winnipeggers in Toronto all at once. It felt like I hadn`t even left.Downtown Toronto by Antosia Fiedur

At Toronto After Dark Film Festival I got to see an awesome short film called Under the Neon Lights made by some talented Winnipeg filmmakers. My friend Aisha Alfa had a crazy role in it as a sexy nurse. I was definitely inspired after watching that film, anyone who has a chance to see it should go. Under the Neon Lights was followed by the feature film Septic Man, about a man who gets super powers from poop. Cool festival.


Overall Toronto has been exciting and in light of the fact that I will be on my way back to Winnipeg very soon I decided to go on a photo adventure in downtown Toronto. I barely had to move one block to get tons of interesting shots. So much fun! Hope you like them.