I very recently had a sexy shoot with Toronto actress and my good friend Amanda Kristjanson. Amanda, who originates from Winnipeg where she completed her honours theatre studies has a motto of “work hard and be kind”. Although Amanda is often cast as the sexy blonde, she has the heart of a music nerd. She grew up in a jazz-focused house and plays the trumpet as well as sings soprano. One of Amanda’s most recent TV projects was “Roomies”, a quirky comedic series independently created in Winnipeg, which premiered on Shaw TV Channel 9 as part of a variety show. Amanda is also very passionate about the craft of acting. She says, “I love that every time I have a new role I get to become a mini-expert on something new. I end up with a bizarre set of skills. I just wish there were enough hours in the day to keep them all up.”

For our shoot we played with warm and cold concepts as we are ushering our way into spring with rain in Toronto. Who knows if we will see more snow next week or welcome budding leaves. Such is the excitement of Canadian weather. Although spring tends to be associated with sun and pastel colours, I think the moodiness of the shoot is actually more true to what I experience in Canada. It’s a combination of hopefulness, amongst clouds, rain and dirty streets. I think the dramatic light combined with Amanda’s pearly skin (which looks like flower petals) represents the feeling of early spring for me.

Amanda Kristjanson Canadian Actress