I just spent the past month visiting my family in Winnipeg for the holidays. For those of you who don’t know, my hometown made it into the news because a few days ago it was -52°C, colder than on Mars. Going outside in that weather is actually considered a hazard to your health, and your skin will freeze in less than 2 minutes of exposure. But a source of pride for a Winnipegger is how we can brave the weather. Which is why we decided it was a great time to do an outdoor photoshoot. Kudos to Ania, the model, who really suffered the most.

I had an amazing team for this shoot. Chanelle Salnikowski, the stylist picked gorgeous colour palettes that made me wonder how she came up with them. And Brenda Magalas did flawless makeup that needed no retouching, a photographers dream.

We also had the pleasure of having an arctic fox as our special guest. He is an educational ambassador for a wildlife charity and together with his handler he teaches the public about human-wildlife interaction. Check out the images!

Model: Ania Bator
Stylist: Chanelle Salnikowski
Hair and Makeup: Brenda Magalas
Photography: Antosia Fiedur




antosia_Fiedur_photoshoot-3 antosia_Fiedur_photoshoot-4 antosia_Fiedur_photoshoot-6